Brand Activation – Three Key Considerations When Creating a Marketing Campaign

Brand activation is an important concept to understand when it comes to building your brand, increasing brand value and awareness. It involves creating a sense of trust and understanding within a brand’s customer base. 

As a brand owner, it is crucial that you continually explore brand activation best practices and activities to foster a sense of trust amongst your audience. With such a critical component of building a brand, your agency must understand what brand activation is and why it is important to engage and involve your audience at every stage.

Brand activation can be broken down into two elements, experiential and promotional. Experiential means “actions”. These may include surveys, focus groups, events and promotions. Promotional on the other hand refers to the creation of brand awareness through the use of media, marketing and advertising campaigns. Below are some of the experiential and promotional brand activation best practices that you should consider.

Brand Activation Plan

Exhaust all avenues to brand activation. It is not enough to simply launch a promotional or a marketing campaign. To achieve brand activation success, you need to engage your audience and ensure that they are aware and can utilise the benefits of your brand. The only way to do this is by launching multiple promotional and experiential events that reach a wide variety of audiences. Make sure to utilise all forms of media including television, online, social media and more.

Make sure your campaigns and marketing materials are consumer-friendly. You can have your very own brand activation experts develop a brand activation campaign for your company, but that’s not the end of the line. Consumer buying decisions are affected by more than marketing techniques. You need to have a marketing plan that takes into consideration the overall performance of your brand and your consumer action plan. 

Your plan should include how you will measure your success and how you will make sure that your marketing message is resonating with your consumers. This plan also needs to be easily scalable so that your marketing activities do not become unnecessarily costly in a short time.

Tools and Techniques

Experts at ACTIV Brand Management recommend leveraging the power of viral marketing. You can effectively brand activation by using social media, a post shared marketing and viral networks like Facebook and Twitter. These media have become effective because they allow quick and easy sharing of content to an audience and they allow consumers to identify with the brand.

Make sure your brand activation messages are personalized. When consumers interact with your campaign, it is important to remind them about the benefits of your brand. This will ensure that they feel compelled to follow your activity and to take part in it. You can then use your post shared social media network or your marketing plan to encourage consumers to pass along your information and engage in the promotional activity.

The best brand activation strategy should include your goals, metrics and measures. Measurements help you see how well your efforts are working. Goals help you set and achieve specific objectives. Metrics provide you with key performance indicators that you can use to track the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. A brand activation strategy is best implemented when all these three measurements, objectives and measures are in place.

You cannot brand activate your business if you do not connect with your audience. The audience that you identify with and connect with must be appropriate for your business. If your target market is only for adults, it may be futile to promote sports merchandise to teenagers. You must also consider the type of consumers that you are looking to target through your marketing efforts. For instance, if you sell women’s handbags, it is best to avoid sending out promotional materials to younger generations since they will most likely not be interested in buying sports bags. Your brand activation strategy must focus on the right group of consumers for your marketing campaign to be successful.…